ThyssenKrupp PSM 3 Phase Gearless Motor DAF-270-L-013-EBS

$ 450


ThyssenKrupp PSM 3 Phase Gearless Motor DAF-270-L-013-EBS 

ThyssenKrupp PSM 3-phase Gearless Motor
Model DAF-270-L-013-EBS
No. 236492
Year: 2007
IP: 21
Max sheave load (SW): 52
M-Weight: 1830 lbs
Power: 41,1
Speed: 221 rpm
V: Y 350
A: 56,0
cos: 0,97
Hz: 36,8
Starting Nm: 2750, A: 121,0
Rating: 2h
Normale brake: 2100 Nm
Emergency brake: 2500 Nm
Traction sheave: 440 mm
Max no of ropes: 8
Made in Germany

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