API Standard 650 Purge Tank and Holding Tank

$ 8,500


API Standard 650 Purge Tank and Holding Tank 

Primary Sump Tank
API Standard 650
13' x 12' Purge tank and holding tank
Equip No. 17-00-020-027
Serial No. 950136
Nominal Height: 12
Design Liquid Level: 12
Max Operating Temp: AR
Design Pressure: ATM
Nominal Capacity: BBL 284
Diameter: 13
Design Specific Gravity: 1.1
Material: SA-36

*This item is located in Hagerstown, MD
Gauges, pumps, etc. that are shown in the photos are also part of this lot.
Used unit, still installed but not in operation. Please contact us for information on removal. You can provide your own rigging services or we can provide rigging services for an additional fee. Freight is available upon request for an additional fee.

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